How do you validate your per hour rates?"

When I seek advice from with legal clients about their proposals, separating themselves is constantly the hardest part for them. Yeah, they have it, but so do all the other big firms that they're contending against. How do you get the client to pick you?

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To the proposition writer, this makes perfect sense. After all, who is the client to state what is and isn't prestigious? It's a matter of opinion.

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There are companies that have actually become acknowledged as distinguished through years of unparalleled results .


Think of that, however. Is your unverifiable, untestable opinion a solid structure on which to validate per hour rates in a proposition .

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Well, heck, if those men can consider themselves prominent, why can't we? We can use the same heavy paper in our Christmas cards and serve the same elegant wine at celebrations for customers.

The issue, however, is that status is a specific option. And if you have not been making that option all along, you can't validate your rates by citing it now.

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